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My online classes are more effective than I ever imagined!  The extended time allows me to assign specific drills to help students improve specific areas of difficulty.  In addition, the online learning communities support students' progress and push everyone to train hard!  

The following classes are coming soon - so sign up NOW!

Gambling Skills ( 12 week class) Starts May 16th

Skills and Drills 12 (12 week class) Starts May 23rd

Obstacle Commitment on the Run (12 week class) Starts May 23rd

Upcoming Classes (Sign up will start in July)

Obstacle Commitment on the Run 2 (12 week class) Starts in August 

Weave Pole Challenge (5 week class) in August 


Weaves from the Ground Up!

After writing, “Weaves that Wow!” lots of individuals have asked how I begin training the poles.  This online class allows you to watch as I take Tickle (my 17 month old puppy) through the process.  The class is 12 weeks long and is an independent study - in other words, you start when you sign up and end 12 weeks later.  Students will post videos and questions that I will reply to every 24 hours (Monday - Friday).  Assignments will be posted based upon your dog’s progress.  

Required equipment:


2 sets of 6 weave poles

Other equipment that will used - but is not critical:


2 jumps

Set of channel poles

Start your dog’s love for weaving NOW!

Class is only for working participants.

Costs $200

Online Seminars

Upcoming Seminars

There are no up-coming events

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