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My online classes are more effective than I ever imagined!  The extended time allows me to assign specific drills to help students improve specific areas of difficulty.  In addition, the learning communities that have developed support students' progress and push students to train hard!  Each class is part of a closed facebook group with (at most) 20 working participants.  Assignments are posted to the group as either word documents or JPG files.  (This allows participation even if students don't have Clean Run Course Designer.)  Videos, with instructions included on the video, often accompany the homework.  The assignments are a mix of short focus assignments, longer sequences, and/or full courses.  Students post questions and videos.  I respond to all posts and videos usually within 24 hours.  I love teaching and this new teaching forum is a blast! 


8 Week Puppy Class!


This seminar was designed to give agility trainers a systematic plan for winter training.  I will post homework that is focused on both the tried and true handling moves as well as the European moves (mostly One Mind Dog handling techniques).  The homework will include a variety of exercises – some homework will train specific skills and other homework assignments will be drills that incorporate the target skill.  The homework sets-ups will use up to 10 jumps and 2 tunnels – however, many of the exercises will be possible in very small spaces (with less equipment)– a small yard will be fine for at least one or two of the exercises given in each homework set.  This seminar was designed for masters level dogs – however, less experienced dogs are welcome to participate.   

This course is focused on one specific behavior - jumping into your arms.  Jumping into your arms is a fantastic way to get complete control following an agility run!  And, is a super fun trick to have at your disposal.

Online Seminars

Puppy Games!
Jan 29, 2018
Skills and Drills 11
Feb 21, 2018
Jump into my Arms!
Feb 21, 2018

Upcoming Seminars

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